MF Rotary Network Biz Hub (Pty) Ltd in Collaboration with Open Source Network, the National Business Forum - NBF and SABBC TV Forms the Pillars of Our Networking Emporium.

We are boosting a Comprehensive and Professional International Network, The Only One of its Kind in the World.

We are bringing to you Real State of the Art Networking - SETTING AND MAINTAINING STANDARDS.

If you are looking for ways to grow your business, look no further! Get your profile, and that of your business, listed on at least 10 online platforms. Come and share your knowledge, and learn at the same time.

  1. Exchange Leads, Referrals
  2. Be Yourself
  3. Ask Questions
  4. Listen Actively
  5. Be a Giver
  6. Follow Up

Members are successful because:

MF Rotary Network Biz Hub (Pty) Ltd also known as MFRN did intensive market research on Network and Marketing and discovered the SCIENCE BEHIND NETWORK AND MARKETING.

We promote the BIG BANG THEORY of Network and Marketing. 

  1. We did a proper business analysis as to why a Person or Company should join our Organization.
  2. Every Person or Entity's needs are unique.
  3. Our Business Model is based on an Integrated Network and Marketing Solution.
  4. When utilizing the different elements found in the Marketing Mix, Results will be Obvious.
  5. It is essential to target The Ideal Audience with Market and Topic Specific Communication, in such a Manner, Fashion and Style, to keep and maintain the Interest of your Audience. 

When utilizing the various elements found in the Marketing Mix, THE BIG BANG (An EXPLOSION) is due to erupt your "Office" with Leads; Referrals and Prospects been scattered as debris. The ideal scenario is to generate a constants flow of Leads; Referrals and Prospects.

 Our Diamond Rotarian Membership Package caters for all.

  • All our members are handpicked and pre selected and can only join by invitation or application.
  • Our Members are Reputable Business Professionals, accountable for their actions, efforts, commitment, discipline, integrity, and professional contribution.
  • MF Rotary Network Biz Hub (Pty) Ltd (MFRN) is the only DEDICATED and PROFESSIONAL NETWORK AND MARKETING PLATFORM OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD with its Integrated Network and Marketing Solution.
  • We create a COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM to all our Members while giving them EXTRAORDINARY EXPOSURE.
  • It is all about meeting people and to be known, the more people Knowing, Liking and Trusting you, the more obvious that they may support you in business should the need ever arise to acquire your Products and or Services.
  • We are constantly cultivating the culture between members to support one another in exchanging Leads; Referrals and or Prospects. All the members within each of our clusters form part in an integrated Network and Marketing Solution, helping one another to be successful in the RECRUITING OF NEW CLIENTELE.
  • It is of the utmost importance to make others aware of your business, your products and or services. Always communicate the essential, communicate the reason behind your networking efforts, whether it would be purely for branding, or to gain new clientele and business.
  • Our Members constantly FORGE RELATIONSHIPS THAT MATTER. The focus is on Face 2 Face; Business 2 Business and Business 2 Client Networking, supported by our online presence and Social Media Activities. It is vitally important to gain the TRUST and RESPECT of those you network with.
  • We focus and educate our Members to be Market Specific and to Target their Respective and Desired Market Audiences, with essential information, and in such a Fashion and Style, that the recipients will be receptive for the information.
  • We give all our Members Exposure on at Least 10x Market Related Online Platforms supported by VIDEO INTERVIEWS AND MARKETING VIDEOS through SABBC TV (Television). We publish all our Videos on SABBC TV Channel on Youtube and these videos pulls through to at least 65x Online Platforms (Websites)
  • Networking is NO QUICK FIX. The word Network is a verb and we should constantly Work our Net. The more effort you put in, the higher your reward will be. We are living in a highly competitive market era, and we should always strive to outclass and outsmart our competitors. We must adapt the skill to distinguish ourselves from our opposition. To be able to Surpass our Audience’s Expectations with Service Excellence and Delivery.
  • We are constantly writing informative articles and E-Books to help and to guide you and your staff, in various segments and functions of the business industry, but with the main focus on Networking, Marketing and Sales.


  1. Affiliate Marketing Concepts
  2. Associations Network
  3. Construction
  4. Engineering
  5. Heavy Industries Association
  6. Information Technology
  7. Marketing
  8. Open Source Network
  9. Camping and Outdoors
  10. Printing and Signs
  11. SA Beauty and Fashion Network
  12. SA Estate Agents Association
  13. SA Financial Services Association
  14. SA Home Owners Association
  15. SA Hospitality Association
  16. SA Legal Practitioners Association
  17. SA Medical Practitioners Association
  18. SA Motor Industry Association
  19. SA Road Transport Association
  20. The SA Job Factory
  21. Travel


Let us look at the various and possible objectives within an Association.

  1. One of the most valid and obvious reasons for an Association or Group is to create a Communication Platform between like-minded individuals.
  2. Associations lay the foundation to target a Specific Audience. For this purpose Associations or Groups may place limitations on the types of membership as it may be Industry/Profession Specific or it can be open Platform available to all those interested.
  3. Each Association has its own vision and mission and every Association or Group is UNIQUE.

Members join Associations to receive ADEQUATE BENEFIT.


There is a popular business Abbreviation called WIIIFMWhat Is In It For Me. This is an important factor as relationships are built on Mutual Benefit and Trust.


THE Easy Communications and Marketing Platform at your FINGERTIPS.

A Communications platform where professionals can exchange Business Intelligence, Express Opinions, Address Issues and Concerns, Seek and Find Industry Specific Solutions, Share Beliefs and Control Market Tendencies. It may also tend to assist in governing the Industry and to be the Mouthpiece of its members. This is supported by our Integrated Marketing Solution for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.

Networking is part of the Marketing Mix, used by successful Entrepreneurs worldwide. It is a very important ingredients in the BUSINESS RECIPE.

Unless you follow any recipe to the letter, you can not expect to get the required and desired results. Become part of our Network and Marketing Solution

Membership to MF Rotary Network is AFFORDABLE AND IT WORKS! No lengthy Contracts and Commitments. Stay a member for as long as it works for you. JUST REMEMBER - If you were to resign from a Cluster and your seat is filled by another professional within your industry, you will not be allowed back.

Through our Association, we can help Dealers, and other Members, with MARKETING SURVEYS


To support our Networking efforts, our members can utilize our Social Media Groups and Company Pages in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to their advantage.

Take the time to visit our Groups and Pages. Help grow the Groups and Pages while growing and Grooming YOURSELF.



  1. Best Property Deals
  2. Blue Chip Network
  3. Heavy Industries Association
  4. MF Rotary Network
  5. National Business Forum
  6. Open Source Network
  7. Property
  8. SA Beauty and Fashion Network
  9. SA Estate Agents Association
  10. SA Financial Services Association
  11. SA Home Owners Association
  12. SA Hospitality Association
  13. SA Legal Practitioners Association
  14. SA Medical Practitioners Association
  15. SA Motor Industry
  16. SA Motor Industry Association
  17. SA Road Transport Association
  18. Sell a Prop
  19. The Property Warehouse – EAA
  20. To Let
  21. World of Wheels


  1. Blue Chip Network
  2. Koop en Ruil
  3. MF Rotary Network
  4. Property For Sale
  5. Property Rental Forum
  6. Rent A Property
  7. SA Beauty and Fashion Network
  8. SA Estate Agents Association
  9. SA Financial Services Association
  10. SA Home Owners Association
  11. SA Hospitality Association
  12. SA Legal Practitioners Association
  13. SA Medical Practitioners Association
  14. SA Motor Industry Association
  15. SA Open Source Network
  16. SA Road Transport Association
  17. The SA Job Factory
  18. World of Wheels


  1. Attorneys in South Africa
  2. MF Rotary Network
  3. SA Estate Agents Association
  4. SA Financial Services Association
  5. SA Home Owners Association
  6. SA Hospitality Association
  7. SA Legal Practitioners Association
  8. SA Medical Practitioners Association
  9. SA Motor Industry Association
  10. SA Road transport Association


  1. Blue Chip Network
  2. Christian Network Society
  3. Leads Generator and Sale Booster
  4. MF Rotary Network Biz Hub
  5. MF Rotary Network International
  6. Money Makers Hub SA
  7. SA Beauty and Fashion Network
  8. SA Estate Agents Association
  9. SA Financial Services Association
  10. SA Home Owners Association
  11. SA Hospitality Association
  12. SA Legal Practitioners Association
  13. SA Medical Practitioners Association
  14. SA Motor Industry Association
  15. SA Road transport Association
  16. Sales and Marketing Calibration
  17. The SA Job Factory


  1. Blue Chip Network
  2. Open Source Network
  3. SA Beauty and Fashion Network
  4. SA Financial Services Association
  5. SA Home Owners Association
  6. SA Hospitality Association
  7. SA Hospitality Association
  8. SA Legal Practitioners Association
  9. SA Medical Practitioners Association
  10. SA Motor Industry Association
  11. SA Road transport Association

Our members gets admin functionality to post on any of our groups or pages.

We offer PROFILE LISTINGS to all our Members on the following Online Platforms:

  1. BIZ.NET
  2. BIZ WEB
  5. CLICK
  6. FIND
  10. MFRN.BIZ

We do have numerous Market Specific Websites where our Valued Members are also listed. To view the list of Online Platforms PLEASE CLICK ME!

Membership to our Networking Emporium offers a range of value added benefits, which may include a FREE WEBSITE.

FREE VIDEO INTERVIEWS or a FREE MARKETING VIDEO. We publish these videos on Youtube and SABBC TV and it pulls through to all our WEBSITES and ONLINE PLATFORMS.

Dealers may also use our Truck and Bus Sales Platforms at RIDICULOUSLY LOW COSTS.

All these cross listings and links will improve your SEO (Search Engin Optimization), so that you can be found on the World Wide Web, by those looking to acquire your products and or services. 


  1. Our Integrated Marketing Solution will secure a Better Google ranking to enable those in need of your services to find you on the World Wide Web with the EASE OF A BUTTON AND A CLICK.
  2. All paid Members will get the applicable Membership Certificates.
  3. Members qualify for Free website Hosting and Affordable Web Development.
  4. Discounted prices on Training, Seminars, Summits and Network Platform.
  5. As an added benefit, Members do have access to all our Social Media Market Specific Groups. Due to our Online Activities, we can boost your Online Presence.

To view our Membership Options / Benefits, CLICK HERE!

This article covers all the Benefits that you can expect when joining our Network and Association and Network.

Being part of this structure will ensure credibility. The CHOICE IS YOURS.

Network Function attendance on average R120.00 per Networking Function.


Join our Network today, it is the right thing to do!

You can at anytime email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us on 081 238 3717 / 067 134 9822This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and We will revert to you.